FRM was created in order to share knowledge, so we proudly publish all material under the following Creative Commons license:

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence.This Attribution/No Derivatives license allows anybody to republish FRM stories online or in print, provided the following guidelines are observed:

Republishing guidelines (online and print)

FRM stories cannot be edited or changed, except for minor changes in editorial style (e.g. changing Australian spelling to North American spelling, such as changing ‘colour’ to ‘color’). Substantive editorial changes are not allowed unless editors have been contacted and approve the changes. The editors can be contacted at   

All hyperlinks must be included when FRM material is republished online.

Authors must be credited, ideally in the byline.

All republished material must also use following institutional credit at the end of the article (or elsewhere on the page):

“This article has been republished from Future Research Masters, a student-led publication from the Graduate Research School at Western Sydney University.”

To use the FRM logo, see below.

No payment may be demanded for republished FRM material. While articles may be used on websites that are commercial and/or carry advertising, all FRM material must be free for the public to access and cannot be behind a paywall.  

Images where copyright is noted in the caption cannot be republished unless you obtain independent permission from the owner. Where no copyright is indicated, the images are open source and can be republished if you wish. You are also free to use your own images instead of ours.

No website or print publication may systematically reproduce all FRM content.

If possible, please supply the editors with information about the republished article’s readership, reach, and/or impact. We will share this data with our authors and use it in other reporting about the impact of FRM.

Other Contexts

Quotes: FRM material can be quoted or cited, but a hyperlink must be provided.

Translations: Technically a translation is a derivative under the Creative Commons framework, and thus requires author approval. Authors will generally give approval in good faith. Authors can be contacted via the link in their profile at the bottom of the story.

Print: FRM articles can be republished in print under the above Republishing Guidelines, with the exception that they do not need to carry hyperlinks. However, a URL to the story itself should be provided. Where possible, the editors would appreciate if an image of the republished article can be sent to so that it can be shared with the author.

FRM Logo

Where possible, please include the FRM logo whenever republishing FRM content. 

A high resolution version of our logo can be downloaded here:

Any Questions?

For any questions about republishing not answered here, please contact