Pitch to FRM
Welcome to the pitch form for Future Research Masters. Here you will be asked to submit your pitch, along with some other data to help us evaluate your pitch. The eligibility criteria for pitching to Future Research Masters is that you are a current or former MRes student, and have completed the unit Research Literacies. Future Research Masters aims to provide a platform for current and former Master of Research students from Western Sydney University to share their research with the Australian public, and with the world. Future Research Masters is a project of Western Sydney University’s Graduate Research School, and is edited by current Master of Research students, in collaboration with the Editors-in-Chief, Dr Alex Norman and Dr Jack Tsonis.
Please provide a Western Sydney University student email account where possible.
This doesn't have to be a final suggestion but it may help us to see the broader direction of your potential article.
What is the story you want to tell? Please give a quick summary, in no more than 150 words, of the story you are pitching. This should convey the main points of the article, the research the story is based on, and the story flow. It should also be evident why this article would be important to the general public.
All stories published with us must be accompanied by an image. If you have any suggestions for an image that would go along with your story, please note it here. This could be an image of the area you're discussing, or a specific example relating to your story. The image should help your audience understand the story.